Clare Maguire - Director

Clare Maguire - Director


Smock Alley Theatre/DLR Mill Theatre 2017

How did it happen? How was it possible? How could three Victorian Spinsters have written some of the most powerful and romantic fiction of all time?

Destined to lonesome, isolated lives in the English countryside, three sisters (Emily, Charlotte, and Anne) face their brothers' decline into alcoholism and insanity.  As chaos descends on the household the sisters begin to write, creating works of art that would reach the hearts of millions and span centuries.


“Ashleigh Dorrell (Anne), Katie McCann (Emily) and Louise O’Meara (Charlotte) under the direction of Clare Maguire create the world of the sisters with their jealousies, ambitions, sibling rivalries and dreams generously.... This impressive production is well worth a visit.”


“Represented very well, becoming an other worldly, artistic moment - the table becoming a stage in it's own right, under the direction of Clare Maguire...It is one of those productions that, like reading a great novel, makes you forget about the outside world; the only world that matters is the one in front of us.”

Red Curtain Review

Cast Members

Ashleigh Dorrell, Des Eastwood, Ruairi Lenaghan, Katie McCann, Louise O’Meara

Creative Team

Director- Clare Maguire, Playwright- Polly Teale, Movement Director- Kitty Randle, Set Designer- Sinead Purcell, Costume Designer- Nicola Burke, Lighting Design- Brian Nutley, Sound Design- Shell Dooley, Stage Manager- Sinead Purcell