Clare Maguire - Director

Clare Maguire - Director


Smock Alley Theatre 2014, Civic Theatre 2015

Cornerstones follows the lives of four teenagers, Ciara, Jonno, Derry & Mandy; homeless in Dublin and living in a derelict building in the city centre.  Being homeless seems, at first, not at all bad for Jonno when he meets Ciara and is invited back to her gaff to stay.  Sex, drugs & drink what more could a young fella want? That is until fellow gaff dweller and wannabe crime-lord Derry decides to build an empire...then all Jonno wants is to go home.


“The direction by Clare Maguire gives the show plenty of life, not only in the frenetic party scenes, but also the constant movement to show life going by. This is a compelling production, thanks to a tight script, innovative direction and strong performances from the entire cast. It’s well worth your time

The Irish Mirror

Cast Members

Original Cast: Cara Christie, Kate Gilmore,  Ruairi Heading, Rex Ryan

Civic Theatre Cast: Cara Christie, Kate Gilmore, Ste Murray, Terry O’Neill

Creative Team

Writer- Bairbre Guilfoyle, Director- Clare Maguire, Movement Director- Kitty Randle, Lighting Design- Ilo Tarrant, Sound Design- DJ Dara with Breaker & Silent Killer, Production Manager- Ed Murphy, Graphic Design- Michelle Egar, Production Photography- Kasia Kaminska