Clare Maguire - Director

Clare Maguire - Director

The Fattest Dancer at St Bernadette's

By Thommas Kane Byrne @ Dublin Fringe Festival 2018 @ The Lir Academy

It’s the day before Julian La Blanc’s School of Dance and Drama’s annual showcase and everything is falling apart. Julian has absolutely had it with these little wagons with their spiky fingers and sickle feet. They haven’t a patch on him in his day.  He could have been a star. A real  bleeding contender he was.  Where did it all go wrong?  How did he end up in St Bernadette's Parish Hall, Ballybough?



“With tight direction from Clare Maguire and the unpredictable antics of Kane Byrne’s four sidekicks, this is an excellent tribute to, and send up of, the stage-school world”

The Irish Times

“Superbly directed by Clare Maguire”

The Arts Review

“Inspirational performance... directed by Clare Maguire”

The Reviews Hub

Cast Members

Thommas Kane Byrne, Ciara Ivie, Lexie O’Leary, Morgan Preston, Brooke Gray, Amber Arkins

Special Guests: Kate Stanley Brennan, Hilda Fay, Janet Moran, Mags McAuliffe and Kate Gilmore.

Creative Team

Writer- TKB, Director- Clare Maguire, Producers- Ericka Roe & TKB, Choreographer- Alysia Arkins, Lighting Design- Eoin Byrne, Creative Consultant- Laura Honan, Operator- Laura Conlon & Courtney Black, Chaperone- Shauna Kane Byrne